Natural Suede Rug Silver
Natural Suede Rug Silver

Natural Suede Rug Silver 5'x7'

Color : Silver
Product ID: CH-SU-SI-M
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  • Nothing matches and magnifies your unique and elegant sense of style better than this beautiful and natural Suede Rug.
  • Our leather-craft artisans have processed this beautiful and unique piece of natural leather to create the smooth and velvety texture of Natural Suede.
  • Transform your room with the most pure and natural form of floor covering instantly into a warm and cozy space.
  • Suitable for any type of surface.
  • Permanent and beautiful colors. 
  • Naturally Non-Slip backing.
  • Smooth, Shiny and Hairless Texture
  • Every one of our Suede Rugs is unique in shape and size. The image is a representative of the general shape and the size is the average approximate size of our collection of rugs. The actual shape and size of the rug you receive may slightly vary.